It lasted a lot longer then anyone thought it would, but the unnatural marriage between Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore has finally come to an end after 6 years. Ashton Kutcher is 33 years old, Demi Moore is 49 years of age. Moore has a 23 year old daughter! Nothing ever made sense about this marriage. Older men marry younger women all the time. It is part of the natural order of things in life. This was just strange. I know Demi looks great for her age, but a former male model in his 30's shouldn't be with a woman who needs "for her age" in the sentence. It was like he was married to his mother.

They are apparently getting divorced because Ashton cheated on Demi. I know infidelity is wrong but aren't we surprised it didn't happen sooner. He's drinking Red Bull and she is drinking Metamucil. I can't imagine what would happen on a Friday night when he wanted to go out and she wanted to watch Murder, She Wrote. Eventually he was bound to find a young girl that wanted to have fun.

We can all take this as a lesson about cougars. They may be fun for a night. They may be cool for a week. Heck they may be great for a month, but never ever marry one. It just won't last. In the end you will look like a bad guy when really you were just doing what was natural. I hope Demi finds a man her own age so this doesn't happen again. Was their marriage natural?