If you have Windows XP, you are using it at your own risk.

It's still running on almost 28% of computers connected to the internet.

I have it and found out yesterday, with no warning, that the security updates have just be discontinued (as of April 8, 2014).

There was no previous announcement of the coming change, and that, quite frankly, pissed me off.

If you haven't heard about this change and you're using the nearly 13-year-old Windows XP operating system, I have some advice for you.

Follow the instructions at mashable.com, like I will do.

There you'll find a checklist of things you need to do asap to stay safe, including info on the final update.

Looks like it's time for me (and maybe you, too) to upgrade to a new computer.

Hey, it's tax season. If you're expecting a refund, you must accept the fact that an unexpected expense will suddenly come up out of nowhere. :-0