While doing research on the aftermath of Sandy, I stumbled upon an excellent article online, which reminds us all to remember to always have a healthy respect for the power of Mother Nature.

"Man built on these (barrier) islands before he understood their nature. He removed dunes and wetlands, part of the natural defenses against tides, storms and floods. As the waters receded from Sandy, they revealed a destruction that, in some places, is overwhelming."

The article presents a comprehensive question and answer session with Mark Mauriello, who had been a commissioner with The Department of Environmental Protection, on how, where, and at what cost the rebuilding might be done.

Among other things, Mark was asked what a more "resilient" Jersey Shore would look like and here's what he said:

"You might expect to see a little bit more space between the ocean and the development, and hopefully, that space will be occupied by protective sand dunes.

I think we’ll see different types of homes being constructed — more homes with a piling foundation, so the waves and flood waters won’t wipe the house off a foundation.

I think we might see less density. By limiting density, you can allow for more room for more dunes to build that buffer we really need. And you can reduce the amount of people and property at risk."

Do you think we'll rebuild the Jersey Shore in such a way as to be much better prepared for future big storms?