Wildwood: gorgeous, large beaches, a busy and fun boardwalk, and pants falling off some of the visitors.

If the powers that be have their way, Wildwood will no longer allow anyone on the boardwalk to walk around with their butts on display, even if they have underwear on.

According to cbslocal.com, there will be a vote on June 12th on the proposed ordinance that makes it clear that pants, swim shorts and skirts must not hang more than 3 inches past the person's waist (and visitors must also wear shoes or flip-flops at all times and a shirt between 8pm and 5am).

I personally think it's going too far to have rules that further restrict our freedoms...isn't going to the beach supposed to be fun and give you a sense of being able to do what you want?

It's true that it's not a pretty sight to see someone's butt hanging out, but let's face it, there are some sights on the beach itself that aren't always too pretty, but you don't have to look. :-D

What do you think?