We live at the Jersey Shore.

We all may moan about the heat and humidity but let's face it: there is no better time than summer to be here at the beautiful beach towns of New Jersey.

And it's over MUCH too soon, so shut yer blowhole and embrace it!! :-D

I've been making it my mission to get over to the beach as often as I can, and particularly in the evening, to walk along the beach when the crowds have thinned to go to dinner and the beach is balmy but refreshing compared to inland, with the ocean water a delight to hot and tired feet.

My friend Roni summed it up perfectly with her recent facebook post:

"If you haven't yet, force yourself to get to the oceans side one evening, worth the trip. Warm and balmy cooler then inland. The smells and sounds of the ocean transported me back tonight to the days of Seaside, Belmar, Pt Pleasant.. growing up and of course high school days, cutting classes, spending the day and night on the sand..boardwalk....Memories were evoked as that salt air hit my face and the lights spun around on the Ferris wheel in the distance. Hurry before the leaves start changing and the snow starts falling... I love the Jersey shore..myrantoftheday"

So the next time you open your mouth to complain about the sweltering heat (I'm saying this to myself, too), remember: you could be in a snowstorm in February.

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