Call the man cocky. You may absolutely call him egotistical. One thing you cannot take away from Gene Simmons no matter how you slice it, is his success.

For almost forty years now, The Demon, Gene Simmons, has had undeniable success at whatever he does. Whether it is being a rock god, entrepreneur, marketer, author or reality tv star, Gene Simmons has conquered it all and done so in grand style.

Credit Gene and his long time band mate Paul Stanley with creating a 'brand' for their band Kiss WAY before anyone even thought of doing so. From Kiss kondoms, to Kiss comics, to even furnishing your final resting place with a Kiss coffin, Gene & company have cornered the market on getting their name on every last bit of merchandise possible.

Although Gene has had his share of critics and has been bashed for his 'he who dies with the most toys wins' style, I stand and applaud him because the man is pure genius. While the streets are littered with rock groups and so-called 'stars' that burn out and just fade away, there is Gene Simmons, still standing tall after all these years and more than willing to sell you the pavement he was just standing on if the price is right.

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