A national poll released on Tuesday shows New Jersey is the second-most negatively perceived state, just behind California, which was seen as the ultimate in wasted states, despite their promotional ads with big stars in them.

But back to Joisey. 

We know we're the laughing stock of the nation, having endured being the subject of jokes on T.V. and in films for decades.  And I admit, I've often made fun of the state (and myself, for having been born and mostly raised here).

Is it because of MTV's "Jersey Shore"?  Nope.  You might think so, but last summer a different national poll was conducted that actually showed it wasn't affecting how people view Jersey either way.

I'm not going to poll you on the poll, of course.  So instead I'll ask the question: why do you think Jersey gets such a bad rap?  The turnpike?  The taxes?  The mob? All these things and more?  And tell us, too, what you like about the state and what you're proud of about New Jersey!