Last week I asked you who you know or have known who had the most outrageous ego.

67% said a husband/boyfriend (or ex), while 33% of you said it was your boss.

Now, in the interest of thinking in a more positive direction, I'd love to know who you would say has the smallest ego.

I had a very close friend for twenty years who died in 2001. Linda was the definition of humility.  Kind, caring, always thinking of others, she never hesitated to help anyone who ever asked for assistance, but she never thought of herself as anything special.

Linda was a brilliant person, with a profound talent for writing and drawing.  She had a very logical mind and was a natural philosopher, but most of all she had a deep spiritual understanding and a very strong faith in a loving Creator.

For me, as for so many others, to be in the presence of my friend was to feel loved, understood and accepted.

I used to tell her I believed she was part saint and she'd just laugh and then strongly deny it.

All truly humble people always deny their humility, don't they?