“GTL” is developing a second meaning at MTV’s “Jersey Shore” house in Seaside Heights…Graffiti, Tags and (petty) Larceny, now that overzealous fans are leaving their marks – and perhaps taking souvenirs.

Vandalism reports that surfaced on TMZ aren’t totally incorrect, says Mike Loundy of Seaside Realty, who manages the property for the owners – but he’s convinced that they’re overblown.

“Periodically, we’ve had kids who say they love Pauly, or whatever, and they’ll write it in pen or magic marker,” says Loundy. “It doesn’t happen that often.”

And then, there are fans who want to reach out and touch the building that’s placed Seaside on the world stage.

“Every once in a while we’ve had some folks that have attempted to go over a fence,” he acknowledges, “but we really haven’t had any trouble. It seems that the fan base is more mature than people realize.”

But anyone who wants to leave his or her mark is really wasting time, says Loundy, because the painters and cleaners show up regularly. “We typically like to keep the door looking clean, and so it’s painted every couple of weeks,” he says, and the inside gets a going-over as well.

He was a little surprised to learn that, according to TMZ, people had even taken shingles off the roof. “I don’t spend much time on the roof,” Loundy quips. But he gives typical “Jersey Shore” fans credit for more maturity than it takes to ruin a house.

Loundy says that the spot has become more of a magnet than usual in the past several weeks since MTV announced that the whole gang would be back for another season. And the early onset of warm weather is giving the shore more visitors well before the traditional Memorial Day onslaught.

Townsfolk with whom we’ve spoken in the past say they don’t really see that much of  Snooki, J-Woww, The Situation and the rest of the gang, and they don’t really feel strong economic ripple effects from the tourism boost.

But the house is thriving, and taking photos alongside it has become a must for any fan strolling the boardwalk. Loundy says it regularly rents for $2,500 a night – even in off-season. Renters planning week-long stays get $500-a-night discounts.

If you want to get an inside look, visit mtvjerseyshorehouse.com or www.seasiderealtynj.com.