There are a few rumors swirling concerning who will lead the band when they perform for this year's HOF concert...who do you think should/will do it?

Dave Grohl posted an image to Instagram that may give a clue as to who will lead the band's performance.


Is that JOAN JETT'S guitar???  It certainly looks like it!

Ethan Miller/Getty Images


Jett and Grohl have performed together in the past; in 2011, Foo Fighters played "Bad Reputation" with Jett on "The Late Show With David Letterman"; and in 2013 Grohl co-wrote a song on Jett's latest album.

Before Grohl posted the Instagram photo, the rumors were that Michael Stipe of REM would perform, because he is the one who will give their induction speech. Another possibility was for Chad Channing, who drummed on Nirvana's first album Bleach, to return to play drums while Grohl led the band.