Tonight all eyes will be on Tampa Florida for the Republican National Convention.

Scheduled to speak tonight is Mitt Romney's wife Ann, and the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

Of course Governor Christie's name came up multiple times in speculation of who Mitt Romney would pick as his running mate.  However Paul Ryan of Wisconson was selected a few weeks ago and it has seemed to energize the Republican party a little bit.

But now tonight the world will be focused on Gov Christie as he makes the Keynote address for the Republican Party.

Back in 2004 as you might remember, then Senator Barack Obama gave the Keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. Four years later, Obama became President of the United States.

So who is tonight really more important for? The Republican party, or Gov. Christie?

Is tonight's speech make or break for the party as a whole, or is really the "opening act" for a run at the presidency for Christie? What do you think?

You can watch Gov. Christie's speech right here at Click here to watch

Will you be watching? Comments welcomed