I got a strange text message from a number I didn't recognize...and frankly, I don't know what to do next...

Here is the message I got (the sender's number is partially blacked out to protect them):



First off, yes, I have the oldest phone in the world. Ignore that, and just stick to the topic at hand.

I'm the type of person who won't answer the phone if a number pops up. If you aren't in my Contacts, I'm not answering. If it's that important, you'll leave a message or call me back. With a text message, however, I sort of instinctively open it up.

I Googled the number, and it actually did come back with a few hits, mostly in the area of Sea Girt. I know a couple people who live in that area, but I have all their numbers, so that eliminates them.

The search actually gave me a possible name (I still want to protect their identity so I won't say), a name which has a somewhat unique spelling. A quick Facebook stalking session brought me to a matching name who lives in Sea Girt!

The mystery deepened when I noticed we have one mutual friend, but that person is more of an acquaintance, the type of person I met once, so I don't understand how else we could have connected.

Regardless of all that, the question is: should I reply?  Just ask who it is, how they got my number?  Reply "Poop" back?  Or just erase it and forget it ever happend. What should I do?