He came to the aid of two kids who were trapped underneath a car on Sunday, and now the town is searching for him.

According to an article at nbcphiladelphia.com:

"On Sunday, 2-year-old Bentzion Pashkus, his 7-year-old sister Sury Pashkus and their mother were on the corner of Cushman and River Avenue (Rt.9) in Lakewood, NJ. As they began to cross the roadway, police say a 20-year-old Lakewood woman was driving a 2012 Honda Accord and made a right hand turn while looking left at southbound traffic.

Police say the woman did not see the two children and began to run over them with her vehicle. The stroller Bentzion was riding in went under the front passenger side tire as the children became pinned underneath the car, according to investigators. The woman told police she didn't know she hit anyone until she heard the children scream. She stopped the car immediately but by then the children were already trapped, according to investigators.

Before emergency crews arrived at the scene, police say an unknown Good Samaritan went into the trunk of the Accord and took out a jack, raising the car and freeing the children. Medical officials say the action saved Bentzion's life."

Lakewood Mayor Albert Akerman said, "And so I say, come out, come out where ever you are, cause we want to honor you."

If you have any idea who the man is or if you have any information that could help find him, email tips@nbcphiladelphia.com.