Well, Grace Slick is still practicing art, only instead of using that amazing set of pipes, she's working with paints, canvas, pen, ink, pastels and pencils.

The photo shows Grace posing next to her paintings on display during a hand print ceremony inducting her into the Hollywood Rock Walk at Guitar Center on October 22, 2002 in Hollywood, California.

She celebrated her 73rd birthday late last month, born on October 30, 1939 in Evanston, Illinois.

Of course, she'll always be most remembered for her status as one of the lead singers in Jefferson Airplane (as well as Jefferson Starship and Starship).

She also sang in a band called The Great Society and as a solo artist.

She was one of the prominent voices of the psychedelic rock movement, and made a great impression on so many people growing up back then, including me, who was struck dumb by that powerful contralto.