If you were giving top intelligence marks to ten cities in the U.S., would you guess New York, maybe Boston or perhaps San Jose (think Silicon Valley)?

You'd be wrong.

If you thought specifically, "small college towns", then you'd be on the mark.

I'm happy to say one of my favorite towns, Ithaca, New York, which I always thought was truly progressive and beautiful (who wouldn't love waterfalls in the middle of their city?) topped the list.

See if your guesses hit the top ten:

The 10 Smartest Cities in America

1. Ithaca, New York
2. State College, Pennsylvania
3. Lafayette-West Lafayette, Indiana
4. Iowa City, Iowa
5. Ames, Iowa
6. Ann Arbor, Michigan
7. Bloomington, Indiana
8. Madison, Wisconsin
9. Lawrence, Kansas
10. Pullman, Washington