Tired of all the pop acts lip-synching their way through the halftime shows during he Super Bowl? Sick off seeing more dance routines than an actual performance? So are we.

Larry Busacca,Ethan Miller,Jim Dyson,Peter Kramer, Theo Wargo, Getty Images


Although acts like Aerosmith, Paul McCartney, The Who and Bruce Springsteen have all performed at the Super Bowl, the majority of the acts in more recent times have either been deemed "safe" acts because of Janey Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" or they have been pop acts that haven't been all that great.

This year, Beyonce' will be performing during the Super Bowl. Fresh off her lip-synched performance at the Presidential Inauguration, where she will reportedly be doing a 4-song set.

But wouldn't it be nice if a real live rock band performed during the halftime show? A real band, playing real instruments. Wouldn't that be a novel concept? Considering many rock bands' music gets played during NFL games routinely throughout the season, why not have one or more of them perform during the biggest game of the season?

How cool would it be to see Metallica rocking out to hits like 'Enter Sandman,'  or 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'? Or Kiss performing 'Rock and Roll All Nite'? Motley Crue could get the crowd going with 'Kickstart My Heart'. If you want something closer to home, next year's Super Bowl will be right in our own backyard at Metlife Stadium, why not have NJ's own, Bon Jovi perform at halftime?

Realistically, we probably never have a shot at seeing some of our favorite heavier bands like Slayer, Megadeth or Anthrax start a mosh pit during halftime but there are some great rock bands would the Super Bowl committee really should consider for future games.

Take our poll and let us know which of these bands you would most like to see perform during the Super Bowl halftime show.