Whether you grew up as a "Rocker" or a "Guido", you both had one thing in common..."Cruising".

Every summer you and your friends would jump in the car and just cruise up and down the strip at the beaches for hours. Driving 4 mph just looking and talking to girls is what you did.

It could have been your dad's car. Maybe it was the first summer with your very own car. (A convertible always worked the best) It didn't matter. The music was blasting, and you were loving life.

So. What happened to "cruising"? I remember certain beach towns starting to give tickets to cars that were "cruising" cause it was making driving around  a nightmare for regular drivers, and then it seemed "cruising" just went away.

Did you ever spend your summers "cruising"? what kind of car did you use?  Are there any towns that you can still go "'cruising" ?

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