When I first heard two of the greatest musicians of our lifetime were teaming up for a project, I could not wait to hear what it sounded like. Now that I've heard it, I'm not sure what to think.

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

The first time I read the article on UltimateClassic Rock.com that Slash was teaming up with Brian May I was extremely stoked to see what their collaboration would sound like.

Brian May is an extremely big advocate in the U.K. for stopping the senseless slaughter of badgers. May, a guitarist icon in his own right enlisted another legendary axeman to the project in Slash.

The song is out now as part of the activists’ campaign. Calling themselves Artful Badger and Friends, the collaboration supports Team Badger and the “Stop the Cull” petition requesting the government put an end to their planned deaths and promote vaccinations instead. You can learn more about it and sign the petition here.

May has been lending his support to the badgers for quite some time, making appearances at protests and recording past songs for the cause.

When I finally heard "The Badger Swagger," I had to listen to it a few times because I wasn't really sure what to make of it. You can watch the video for the song "The Badger Swagger" below, then take the Slaughterhouse poll and let us know what you think.