High-voltage rocker Angus Young turned 57 on Saturday, born March 31, 1955 in Glasgow, Scotland (but of course we all know he was raised in the Land Down Under).

What can I say about Angus?  Duck-walking, knobby-kneed, school-hating but uniform-wearing, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, the lead guitarist and co-founder of AC/DC was ranked #24 on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of 100 Greatest Guitarists.

I love his energy, his infectious riffs, his total rock 'n roll attitude.

According to Clinton Walker's 2001 book, "Highway to Hell: The Life and Times of AC/DC legend Bon Scott", Angus tried a few different stage personas, including Spider-man and Zorro, but settled on his sister's suggestion to take on his schoolboy persona.

Smart sister.

Because none of us can imagine a world of rock where there's no rebellious schoolboy in short trousers kickin' it out on stage, can we?

I didn't think so.