Warm Bodies (2013)

Zombies are huge right now. They might actually rival vampires in terms of popularity during this craze. A cynic would say a zombie romance is just trying to capitalize on the Twilight sensation of a vampire romance...and I'm a bit of a cynic.

The idea of a zombie movie from the point of view of the zombie was actually interesting. The premise that the undead still had some sort of mental capacity had potential, but got washed away with the love story. I would have enjoyed seeing a zombie that was just acting out some urge it didn't really understand, dealing with the struggle of having a food source that can fight back.

The zombies in this movie shuffle around for the most part, like old school "Night of the Living Dead" zombies, but showed bursts of speed when attacking humans. They have something of a social order, they acknowledge eachother's presence and work in teams to hunt. This stuff would have worked without the love story, but the main zombie "R" feels his heart beat when he sees the girl of his dreams.

A portion of humanity has built up a new society in a walled city, led by John Malkovich. The citizens have to forage for supplies outside the walls, which leads to his daughter going on a run for medication and being kidnapped/rescued by R after the rest of her group is attacked. We see R keep her safe from other zombies, hide her in his "home", show her the various albums and movies that he, for some reason, has collected. She senses that he is changing, and realizes that all zombies have the chance to turn back into normal humans. This leads to a sort of zombie revolution, where they join forces with humans to fight this breed of super-zombies.

There was potential, but the entire middle of the movie dragged. Following a zombie in his day-to-day activities was cool; the war at the end where zombies fought along with humans was cool; the whole love story was lame. I've already forgotten the reason R comes back to life, was there some chemical or was it just the "power of love", I don't remember.



On the [Celluloid Hero] scale, "Warm Bodies" gets a 5 out of 10.