Well, not quite, but close.

He's also opening the Wildside Saloon in Vegas, but more on both those things in a minute--first, happy birthday to Vince!

He was born on February 8, 1961 in Los Angeles, California.

According to antimusic.com:

"Vince Neil says the band is planning to record some new music, but fans should not expect an album of material.

"No, no new album," Neil tells Music News Nashville. "What I'm hearing is that maybe two or three or four more songs might come out to go with that song we released this year ("Sex"), but it will be something like an EP, not an album.

"Our schedule seems to have a lot of touring. If something did come out in the form of an EP, it would probably be in the beginning of 2014."

Get tour dates here.

And as far as the Wildside Saloon in Vegas, ultimateclassicrock.com has all the details on this newest Neil venture.