As much as I love Jersey, sometimes you just need to get away...and as much as I need to get away, I love coming back home.

In case you were wondering where I disappeared to last week, my girlfriend and I took a nice vacation down to Tampa, Florida. It was one of those great vacations where we had no real plans, just woke up every morning and said "whatcha wanna do today?" and the answer was always "whatever", and it always ended up being something nice.

Since I couldn't take you all on vacation with me, sharing some pix is the next best thing!


Sunset at the Dunedin Causeway on our first night:


I got to feed a stingray at the Tarpon Springs Aquarium:


There was a cool art exhibit around Pier 60 in Clearwater featuring a bunch of dolphin statues painted in different ways:


Some beautiful egrets in the water at Clearwater Beach:


My girlfriend's parents own some exotic birds (Henry, Yanni, Noelle & Jude):


We also rented jet-skis one day, big thanks to the guys from Clearwater Jet Ski Rentals for making sure I didn't die out in the bay:


We did have a rough time getting home, thanks to a certain airline whose name rhymes with "hear it"...but I'll save that rant for another time.

Overall it was a great vacation, definitely the kind that gave me a nice break and let me recharge. But of course, I'm glad to be back and always glad to be on the Hawk!