Confections of a Rockstar is an awesome bakery in Asbury Park.  I've been a fan of theirs for a while, and they recently debuted a "peanut butter smore jar" - they took to Instagram to ask fans to name the new creation.

All of the items in the shop have rock-themed names, things like "oREO Speedwagon", "Wanted Dead Or A-Lime", "Brownie Eyed Girl". "Everybody Must Get Sconed" and to follow that theme, my suggestion for the new "smore jar" was "S'More Human than Human".

Believe it or not, my genuis-level creative punnery wasn't quite enough to win first place (the winner was "Hit Me PB One S'More Time", which is fine but way too cumbersome in my opinion), but I did win one of three consolation prizes! I got myself an awesome new Confections of a Rockstar tshirt!


Thanks to CoaRockstar for considering my silly pun to be good enough to win a shirt! Check them out next time you're in Asbury Park.

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