I'm a pretty simple guy, so I didn't want a lot of fanfare for my first Father's Day. I would be happy to just spend a nice day with my wife and daughter, and that's what I got!

We started with brunch at The Committed Pig in Manasquan. It's a great little place that I highly recommend. I got the "brunchwich", a pork roll/egg/cheese sandwich with extra bacon, served on french toast. Heavenly.

Baby Varacchi was introduced to avocado during brunch too, and she is definitely a fan.

After eating, we took a quick drive down to the inlet. The weather close to the ocean was perfect, with a steady breeze that totally blew away any of the humidity we felt inland. We did a leisurely trek up and down the Manasquan 'boardwalk', hung by the inlet a bit, and just enjoyed the day.

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