Valetine's Day is a great night to watch movies with your significant other, especially when it falls on a weeknight like this year. Here's a short list of some of my favorite V-Day movies.

  • High Fidelty.

    There is a law stating every romantic movie list MUST contain at least one John Cusack movie. This is my favorite of his.

  • Once.

    Sheer beauty. Irish street musician falls for a Czech immigrant. The love story itself is great, and the music takes it to another level.

  • The Princess Bride.

    Mock me if you must, but it's a classic. Funny enough to make me laugh, but cutesy enough to watch with your girl.

  • The Crow.

    It sounds out of place, but honestly, what could be more romantic than avenging your love from beyond the grave?

  • Serendipity.

    Cusack makes another appearance. This one is more a chick-flick, but still a great romantic movie, and Kate Beckinsale provides plenty of eye candy for the guys.

  • True Romance.

    Tarantino isn't a name that normally shows up on "romantic" lists, but the title of this movie isn't an ironic one. Sure it has crazy characters and gratuitous violence, but at its core, it's a love story.