PSE+G came up a bit short in their efforts to have "99.5%" of all those who lost power from Sandy and the Nor'easter restored by Friday night.

JCP+L crew in Harding (Twitter)

The utility says they still have 12,700 customers without power as of 5:30AM and says those outages are mostly isolated issues.

"The nearly 4,000 utility and out-of-state linemen will continue to work around the clock to restore the remaining customers this weekend," promises PSE+G.  "Most of the these outages result from localized issues that were not corrected when a system or circuit outage was restored. These include damaged electrical service lines that lead from the pole to a customer's home or business."

They also ask customers who are without power while surrounding residences have been restored to contact customer service at 1 800-436-7734.

"If our automated system indicates that power has been restored to your area and you have no power, please follow the prompts to place a new “no power” order," explains the utility in a press release.  If the system states that your order already is registered, there is no need to place a new one. Unless customers call to report an outage, PSE&G may not know that there is still an issue at a particular location."

JCP+L, meanwhile, still expects to have most of its customers who lost power from both Sandy and the Nor'easter to have power again, save for isolated instances and on the barrier islands. As of 7:40AM on Saturday on their outage map there were still over 87,000 customers still in the dark.

Restoration maps provided to the Governor’s office by the utilities