Each of Wall Township's seven schools will soon have a pair of unarmed guards posted at the entrances. 

Wall High School (Wall Township Schools)

That was one of the provisions that came out of last night's emergency meeting after a 5th grader had been arrested for making threats of a Newtown-style attack.  Security cameras will also be installed but no time table was given.

The Wall Patch reports over 100 people attended the two-hour meeting which was led by Wall Police Chief Robert Brice. “I have children in the (school) system and I know a lot of children in the system,’’ Brice told the meeting. “We take this very seriously. I can tell you the principals and the school staff take it seriously.”

The guards will be paid by the district and will apply for state funding to pick up the cost. Other ideas that came out of the meeting: a "fast pass" that would scan the drivers license of visitors and encouraging students to tell a teacher or administrator when they see or hear of something unusual.

Wall Township Police headed off a possible  “elaborate” attack on students at the Central School made by a student  according to a letter posted by interim Superintendent of Schools Stephanie Bilenker on the school department website at the beginning of the school year which they initially compared to Columbine and Newtown.

Police later said the plot had "fantasy elements" and the unidentified student could not have carried out his plan.