You thought the tree house hotels I wrote about recently were cool?

May I present, for all the tree-huggers out there, the latest attempt to do things with trees that is unnatural and shocking, which is why it's legal in California.

It's tree camping, of course.

This is clearly made for people who don't have sleepwalking issues.

Of course, we all know Californians like being high as often as possible.

Oh, California, it's so easy to pick on you. :-D

(That's because I'm secretly in love with you.)

But let's set the record straight: the photo above is actually in Waldseilgarten, Germany according to an article on extreme camping (not that Germany isn't fair game for mocking), even though it's said to be in California on Facebook, which is why I gave credit to the wrong place in the photo.

Who knew you couldn't trust everything you see on the internet?

Hey, at least your safe from bear attacks.

Oh, wait, bears sometimes climb trees.

This is looking less and less appealing.

By the way, are you just crazy enough to do this?