Take the idea that pretty much everybody loves, having a tree house, and turn it into a beautiful hotel room in a gorgeous location.

Paradise, anyone?

I've always been a bit obsessed with tree houses, although tragically I was deprived of them as well as a pony and going on more than two rides in Disneyland, but that's another story for my therapist. :-P

I'm a certified treehugger (certifiable is probably more accurate) and I've also always loved the idea of the elves in Middle Earth's Lothlorien living in those magnificent Mallorn trees and I really want to go there, but alas, that would require a drug-induced trip and I don't do drugs anymore.

So the next best thing is resorts that you can go to in this dimension.

At travelandleisure.com, they've come up with a list of the world's best treehouses and provide you with a guided tour via slideshow!

Would you like to try one?