Looking for some great music to put you in the right frame of mind as winter settles in? There are plenty of rock and metal songs to get you through the snow and ice. We put together 10 songs you can rock out to the next time a snowstorm comes rolling through.

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    'Winter's Call'


    From 'Badlands' (1989)

    Jake E. Lee's band Badlands debuted in 1989 with a great debut album that featured this tune that can make you feel the chill of winter and the heat of a rocking band all at the same time.

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    'Stone Cold'


    From the album 'Straight Betwen the Eyes' (1982)

    Joe Lynn Turner does a great job vocally putting the feeling into a song about thinking how well you know someone until that moment when you find out you don't know them at all. Know that is a cold moment right there!

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    'By-tor and the Snow Dog'


    From 'Fly By Night' (1975)

    Who better to listen sing about the snow and winter to then 3 guys from Canada, right? We're going to assume the snow dog Rush speaks about has a bottle of booze attached to him for you. Now that IS man's best friend!

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    'Winter Song'

    Rob Halford

    From 'Winter Songs' (2009)

    Rob Halford has one of the most amazing voices in heavy metal. A few years ago he came out with an amazing Christmas-themed album but the title track is one that you can enjoy all winter long.

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    'Raped and Freezin'

    Alice Cooper

    From 'Billion Dollar Babies' (1973)

    The master of theatrical rock & roll originally wrote this about a young man hitchhiking who is left robbed and naked in New Mexico. But hey, freezing is freezing, no matter where you are.

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    From 'For Those About to Rock We Salute You' (1981)

    Making and throwing snowballs has always been fun. Doesn't it make it that much better if you're listening to AC/DC while doing it?

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    Ace Frehley

    From 'Ace Frehley' (1978)

    While not exactly the snow we are talking about here, Ace Frehley writes a great song about someone who is looking back and regretting cheating on that special someone. Sometimes the "snowblind" truth can be the coldest of all.

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    'Long Cold Winter'


    From 'Long Cold Winter' (1988)

    Tom Keifer does an amazing job writing a love song and pouring those feelings so many of us have had about spending that long cold winter alone without the one we love.

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    Black Sabbath

    From 'Vol. 4' (1982)

    Another title of 'Snowblind' and another song with a deeper meaning than just the soft powdery moisture falling out of the sky. But when creating a metal playlist, how can you not include Black Sabbath and/or Ozzy whenever possible?

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    'Trapped Under Ice'


    From 'Ride the Lightning (1984)

    Just the thought of being trapped under ice with no way out is enough to make anyone chilled to the bone. When that song just happens to be performed by the metal masters known as Metallica, that makes it #1 on this list.