The Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon is in full swing and there are tons of ways to donate! Take a look at the Top 5 ways that you can help!

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    Text %22LOVE%22 to 89000

    Text "LOVE" to 89000! You'll receive a bounce-back text asking if you'd like to donate $5, $10 or $20. Text back your answer and it will automatically appear on your next phone bill!

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    Donate online at!

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    Bid on an Auction Item

    Visit and check out the online auction. Place a bid on one or many items and keep checking back to make sure you have the highest bid! Bidding ends Friday at 4PM.

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    Request a %22Pay-for-Play%22

    Call the Hawk studio at 1-877-HAWK-1057 and request a song! $20 for a Classic Rock song or $50 for something out of format!

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    Stop by the Billboard!

    Andy Chase will be living on the Ocean of Love Billboard in the Target/Lowes parking lot until Friday at 6PM - come say "hello" and drop off a donation! Staff will be on-site 24/7 - so no excuses!