Just a Bit Outside prides itself on many things. Great radio. Good looks. Knowledge about everything from sports, to life skills, to holding court with the ladies. Somewhere on that list includes consistency. Every week includes a Top 5 Tuesday topic. Of course, this week revolved around ways to make money for Ocean of Love and help reach our station goal of $105,700 by Friday afternoon. Without further ado, the Top 5 things I will do for big money donations:

1. Get posterized: We have basketball hoops at the billboard. Everyone remembers what it was like to have a poster of your favorite NBA player dunking over some stiff hanging on your bedroom wall when you were a kid. Well, here's your chance to be that player and my chance to be that stiff. Come on out to the billboard and we'll make you famous. I'll lower the hoop as low as it can go. Then you can dunk on me. We'll take a picture. You'll be a star.

2. Money where my mouth is: I think costumes for pets are ridiculous. There is a pet store across the parking lot from where Andy is living atop the billboard. Come out to donate and I will donate enough money to the cause to match whatever the most expensive pet costume in the store currently is.

3. Wing challenge: This one is for any fast food, pizza, or chicken joint in Ocean county. You bring out as many wings as you can cook up and I'll eat them all during the show from 7-10 PM. The only catch? You must donate $5 per wing I eat.

4. The return of Kermit the Frog: Believe it or not, my high school girlfriend once convinced me to wear green tights to school (and by tights I mean TIGHTS) as part of a Halloween costume. We were Kermit and Miss Piggy. She stunk -- I'm now married to a woman that doesn't stink -- but nonetheless, I still have the costume. As you can imagine, it doesn't fit as well as it did in high school. Donate some dough and I'll wear it out in front of everyone on Hooper Ave.

5. Rain or shine: Andy Chase is a brave, brave man for living atop that billboard all week. Especially when the weather gets bad as it's supposed to on Thursday. For the right amount, I will leave the confines of the warm, dry tent on the ground level and do the entire Thursday evening show -- rain, shine -- from atop the billboard with my good friend Andrew Chase.