Today is the birthday of Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner, so I'll share my [Top5] favorite RS covers. What are yours?

Let me point out, this is a completely subjective list. It's purely based on bands I like and cool images. I also avoided the sleazy sexy covers (Janet Jackson's hand-bra, the Britney Spears crap, the Christina Aguilera crap, etc)...Enjoy!

5 - Star Wars Goes On Vacation

Had to include this one, because I'm a big ol' Star Wars geek.

Rolling Stone


4 - Dave Grohl

I want to be Dave Grohl when I grow up.

Rolling Stone


3 - Plant & Page

Just a classic image from the early (good) days of the magazine.

Rolling Stone


2 - U2

C'mon, you knew this list would include my favorite band.

Rolling Stone


1 - Nirvana

This really lands a spot on the list because of Cobain's shirt. Classic.

Rolling Stone