This week's [Top5] list focuses on the first release of some great artists!  These are my five fave debuts, what are yours?

This is one of the harder lists I've had to do in a while. There were a lot of great debut albums that didn't make the cut, and a lot of times I actually had to put them head-to-head on a track basis, seeing which albums contained a higher number of songs I love, then trying to figure out what was better, quantity or quality. In the end, I'm fairly happy with the five I chose. I think one connecting thread is that each album begins in a perfect way. GnR welcomes you to their jungle; The Beatles bring you in with a quick "One! Two! Three! Four!"; Black Sabbath sets the mood so you feel like you're actually listening to the album in some gothic graveyard; Pearl Jam keeps things sort of mellow then erupts; Zeppelin just starts with a bangbang and never looks back.


5 - Guns n Roses "Appetite For Destruction"


4 - The Beatles "Please Please Me"


3 - Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath"


2 - Pearl Jam "Ten"


1 - Led Zeppelin "I"