A little conversation around the office surrounded the topic of supergroups, so I devoted this week's Top 5 Tuesday to my favorites. Who are yours?

5 - Derek & the Dominos

Eric Clapton + Duane Allman = pure guitar awesomeness.


4 - Temple of the Dog

This band was a tribute to Andrew Wood, the singer of Seattle-based Mother Love Bone. Fellow Seattle musician Chris Cornell joined forces with Matt Cameron (of Soundgarden and later Pearl Jam) along with Mother Love Bone members Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Mike McCready.  Eddie Vedder hadn't joined with Stone & Jeff & Mike, so Pearl Jam wasn't even a thing yet. I know that goes against my argument of backwards-trending supergroups, but Mother Love Bone was already an established Seattle band, so I'm counting it.


3 - Blind Faith

Clapton makes his second appearance on this list, in the band he formed after leaving Cream. Ginger Baker followed Clapton out of Cream, and the writing/singing talents of Steve Winwood made Blind Faith memorable.


2 - Traveling Wilburys

Nelson, Otis, Lefty, Charlie T, and Lucky Wilbury each had a familiar sound, kind of like you took the most underrated Beatle, added in a 'voice of a generation', and a few others who stood near the top of their genre and stuffed them all into a studio.


1 - CSNY

The starpower of the Wilburys was hard to beat, but they fell to second due to an unfortunately small catalog after the death of Roy Orbison. CSN took parts of The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and The Hollies; the addition of Neil Young just made the supergroup even more super.