On this day in 1942, a legendary record label, Capitol Records, opened for business. In addition to their iconic office in Hollywood, they also signed a huge number of influential artists. Here are my Top 5 artists that were signed by Capitol!

5 - Steve Miller Band

The Steve Miller Band signed with Capitol in 1967, then under the name "The Steve Miller Blues Band."


4 - Grand Funk Railroad

GFR signed with Capitol in 1969 after achieving fame at the Atlanta Pop Festival.


3 - Queen

This is a bit of a technicality, as Queen was signed to EMI/Capitol...but for the sake of my list, they get to stay on.


2 - The Smithereens

One of my favorite bands, The Smithereens released one album on an indie label before signing with Capitol in 1983.


1 - The Beatles

The music industry was shady back in 1963, when Capitol actually declined to release three Beatles' songs for over a year. Despite that, the band did go on to achieve some success.