With the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, I figured today was a good time to bust out my [Top5] Beatles songs.  Pretty hard to narrow down such an amazing collection of songs to just 5, but these are mine; what are yours?

A while ago I did my [Top 5] Beatles songs written by Paul McCartney...this time it's open to all of the writers.

Also, my tastes may differ in a week or a day or a few hours...but this is what I'm sticking with at this moment.


5 - Lady Madonna

Some people think I'm crazy for putting this song as high as I do, but for whatever reason this song just hits me in a certain way.


4 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

What can I really say about this song that hasn't been said?


3 - I Feel Fine

This may be an unexpected choice, but again there's just something about this song that hits me just right. The beginning feedback, the rolling rhythm, the perfect harmonies, all crammed into just over two minutes.


2 - Eleanor Rigby

What's the only Beatles song to feature NONE of the Beatles playing any instruments? Ding ding ding, Eleanor Rigby!  Feel free to use that one.


1 - Don't Let Me Down

This might be another unexpected one, especially for number 1.  I just think the raw emotion in John's vocals make this song perfect.