Halloween means you need to have movie marathons this weekend. Check out this list and get ready to fill your weekend with some great [Celluloid Hero] Halloween movies!

The first time I saw this was a midnight showing on TV on a Halloween night, when I was probably far too young to get the jokes. Since then, I've seen it too many times to count, including going to the midnight "audience participation" shows (I never dressed as a character, but admittedly I dressed up for 'Drag Night' (don't judge me)). If you don't think this is a classic, you can just shut your filthy mouth and never talk to me again.


A bit of a 180 from the campy musical of Rocky Horror. The Descent follows six women on a spelunking trip down a cave in the middle of nowhere. All the best plans involve entering a hole in the earth and going halfway to hell, while not telling anyone outside of your group where you will be. "The Descent" manages to blend genuinely tense and suspenseful moments with plenty of blood and gore.


This is one of those movies that I will stop everything to watch. Comedy Central seems to show it about once every other week, and every time I surf past it I end up watching about an hour until I realize I was supposed to be doing something. Lots of movies try to mash the horror and comedy together, but none do it quite as well as "Shaun".


Ignore the Twilight craze. The love between these two Swedish twelve-year-olds feels more natural than the twilight-teens anyway. If you've read [Celluloid Hero] before, you know I love foreign movies. It is a very European movie, slow moving, focusing a lot on character development. It does manage to break the pacing with some scares and blood and gore, so don't worry about being bored. The combination of a stellar script and beautiful cinematography make this so much more than a simple vampire flick.


The Greatest. I've watched this many times, with both a casual and a critical eye. I've enjoyed being scared and creeped out, just as much as I've enjoyed analyzing Kubrick's technique. It's really a masterpiece of horror, ranging from psychological to physical.