I was counting on having wings for lunch today, but the restaurant that was scheduled for the "King of the Wing" taste test cancelled (grrrrrrrrrrrr). What really stinks about that is that I PURPOSELY did NOT eat lunch due to the restaurant coming to the studio.

So now I am starving! When one is hungry, the brain makes one do crazy things.

Next thing I know, I am standing in the kitchen, and for some reason I am compelled to open the fridge.

(Let me remind you that this is all out of my control. I'M STARVING!!!)

The above picture is what I find. Note the bag of Subway sandwiches next to the bottle of soda.

There is no name on it. For all I know it COULD BE mine. Did I bring it in and I just forgot about it til now?


What to do. What to do.

And then there was half

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