The latest incident in Tim Tebow's minor league baseball career happened on Tuesday evening at FirstEnergy Park, Tebow's last game in Lakewood.

While Tebow was taking some warmup tosses, he showed off the arm strength (and accuracy) that he displayed in the NFL, launching a ball past his teammate and into the stands. The errant throw ended up striking a fan square in the jewels.

Doug Brustman, a 45-year-old from Manchester, had brought his daughter to the game, and had seats right behind the visitors dugout. Brustman's attention lapsed for a moment when he heard someone yell "watch out", then doubled-over after being balled by the ball before he could react.

A team rep rushed over to make sure Brustman was okay. Tebow was a good sport about it, checking to make sure Brustman was okay, and signing the ball as a souvenir.

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