One man actually got to check "spending time in jail" off his list, and surprisingly, he didn't find it too bad at all.

His name is Obie Cargile, he's 71 years old and he's been in worse places:

“I been in the Marine Corps in the jungle (in the Philippines) and Marine Corps boot camp. I wasn’t worried about jail. If you come out of the Marine Corps boot camp, everything else in life is downhill.”

He also had a long career as a Cincinnati Public Schools teacher, so jail naturally, uh, didn't faze him one bit (YOU try working with kids)!

His full story is here, but in a nutshell, he didn't want to pay a fine for a minor roadway violation (broken tail light), so he actually chose jail instead.

The thing is, once again, a jail sentence was on his bucketlist.


Kind of like me listing "visit a slaughterhouse". :-D