First, happy belated birthday to Carlos Santana, who turned 66 on Saturday, born on July 20, 1947 in Jalisco, Mexico.

I decided that instead of telling you where he's currently touring or sharing my own thoughts about this soulful virtuoso, I'd let someone else describe Carlos.

I found this comment by Khoobmusic under the youtube video:

"One of the best guitarists ever ... because he feels and plays from the beauty within and not from his head like a show off technical thing. His timing and sense of rhythm is excellent ... I've been playing guitar for 30 years and have heard all the great guitarists and every year I come back to get a fix of hearing Santana ... a healing and inspirational experience ... always."

What he said. :-)

Now, for what Carlos Santana himself says (on his facebook page):

The deeper I dive into gratitude ocean
The more I become aware of my divinity
The stronger my commitment is to uphold
Spiritual principles ..light reveals itself with joy
Now right now.. right here ..I make up my mind
To be totally aware of the treasure within me
Happiness already is ... Don't have to earn it
WILL yourself to live your light
THINK only thoughts that heal
PERCEIVE clearly with sacredness
BE mighty with humility
DO the impossible consistently
ACHIEVE the most memorable significant meaningful
Don't pursue it let it come to you.. GRACE always does
TRUST is traction
BELIEVE is acceleration
HOPE is power
If you long to transform your imperfections
LOVE them to death with compassion and kindness