As you probably know by now I have a thing for buying shoes. Shoes make me happy….they rarely let me down!!

So this season I decided….why not buy new boots….Guys….here’s a tip…if you know what size your lady wears you will always score major brownie points with an awesome pair of the hottest new boots or heels.

I’m telling you….I never opened a gift and said “Really babe….shoes?”.

Why not get your girl a pair of boots that she can wear out….or if you decide to stay in…..catch my drift???

I got these in the mail yesterday….made my day 100 times better! I needed a pick me up after the Jets shellacking on Sunday….ay ay ay!!

And just for your viewing pleasure….here I am in my new favorite boots and nifty canvas bag that holds about 500 pounds of stuff! WWWYKI!!