Let's help bring this beloved dog home to Toms River where he belongs.

His description:

Jeter is a white chipped male with brown spots and blue eyes. He was last seen 7/28 at South Street & Holly Village in Toms River.

Call or text 732-642-3987 with any info!

Yesterday, on the Bring Jeter Home facebook page, this was posted:

"Today marks 6 months since Jeter has not been home where he belongs ... Not a day a second or minute goes by I don't think of him and how much I miss my sweet boy ... Thank you everyone for sticking with us through these long 6 months ! Hoping one day I can post that he's home and make myself and so many people happy ... Miss you Jeter <3 ur mommy"

Please help if you can--here are the complete details on the dog's kidnapping:

Photo by Danielle DiGiovanni
Photo by Danielle DiGiovanni