While we spend the majority of our time on the Slaughterhouse enjoying the hard rock and heavy metal music we grew up with, there is always room for new music in our lives as well. There are some great new albums out, some by older artists, some by more modern groups but all of them should have your auditory attention because they are all amazing in their own unique way.

Here is a list of some of the best rock and metal albums out now for the spring of 2013.

  • 1

    Stone Sour

    'House of Gold & Bones Part 2'

    Stone Sour and singer Corey Taylor are back for their 2nd part of their concept album, 'House of Gold & Bones.' Part 2 digs deeper into the storylines of the foundation Part 1 set up. Part 1 was a phenomenal effort and Part 2 holds up its end of the bargain as well as one of the premier albums of 2013 so far.


    Roadrunner Records
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    'Black Out the Sun'

    Sevendust have returned  with a phenomenal new album, ‘Black Out the Sun.’ It is the band’s ninth studio disc and it does not disappoint one bit. 'Black Out the Sun' is the follow-up to 2010′s ‘Cold Day Memory,’ offers something for everyone. The new album  is sure to please old-school fans of the band, while also offering new fans a great introduction to the Atlana-based band as well.

    7 Bros.Records
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    Rob Zombie

    'Venemous Ray Regeneration Vendor'

    If you thought Rob Zombie had too many projects going on lately to focus on making a great album, think again. Zombie is back and is as good as ever. 'Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor 'may be a mouth-full but make no mistake, this album is loud and rocks hard, well worth the energy to say the name. You'll find yourself listening  to this one over and over again.

    T-Boy Universal
  • 6

    Ghost B.C.


    If you have yet to join the growing following of the band Ghost B.C., this album will make you a believer. Ghost’s second effort to follow up their largely popular debut ‘Opus Eponymous,’ may be as close to the definition of  a conceptual masterpiece and an absolute essential listen. In the world of heavy metal, where originality has lost its way and more bands have the 'cookie cutter' sound, Ghost have proven yet again that true, originality is alive and well.

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    'Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies'

    Volbeat's follow up to 2010's successful 'Beyond Hell/Above Heaven' does not disappoint in the least. The album, while more commercial than the majority on this list, offers something for everyone. The song 'Room 24'  evens offers a guest appearance by King Diamond.

    Universal Republic Records
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    Tom Keifer

    'The Way Life Goes'

    Cinderella's front man Tom Keifer's solo effort is an absolute enjoyment. 'The Way Life Goes' is a collection of some of the finest blues, country, and rocks songs to gather together in one album this year. Tom Keifer shines as he works his magic with heart provoking lyrics and gives a vocal performance of his career.


  • 5



    You can't really go wrong with Buckcherry. How can you not enjoy heavy songs about drinking, partying and hot women, right? Buckcherry doesn't fail to deliver on that credo with their new album 'Confessions.'  The band takes the fun one step further this time though by making a very well-produced concept album. This album is going to rock you like Buckcherry is known to do, but this time there's a whole story to go along with the wild ride.

    Century Media
  • 8

    Killswitch Engage

    'Disarm the Descent'

    Killswitch is back, armed with a new singer and better than ever. Jesse Leach has taken over the vocals for the band and brought an amazing new vibe to the group. It's Leach's first effort with the band since 2002's 'Alive or Just breathing.'  Leach brings a different spin into the mix once again and proves that he has only gotten better with time since 2002 and that he is more than capable to continue with Killswitch Engage as their lead singer going forward.

    Roadrunner Records
  • 9



    While the band name may not be familiar, once you listen to the intense vocals, you'll be well-versed in Device.  Device is the latest project from Disturbed's frontman David Draiman's. The album boasts rocking songs such as 'You Think You Know,' and a more classic Disturbed-sounding song with 'Penance.' The album also boasts guest appearances by such names as Deep Purple's Glenn Hughes, Lizzy Hale, who with Draiman covers the classic Ozzy and Lita duet of 'Close My Eyes Forever' with, Serj Tankian, Tom Morello, Geezer Butler and Avenged Sevenfold's M Shadows.

    Warner Bros.
  • 10

    Suicidal Tendencies


    After reuniting a few years back, the thrash masters in Suicidal Tendencies are back with a new album. A couple of great tracks on the album are 'God Only Knows...Who I Am,' and 'Cyco Style.'  Both songs exemplify the band's versatility, yet classic thrash style. After 30 years it's great to see the band still the amazing energy that made them so influential to so many bands over the years.

    Suicidal Records