It's deep, man.

A new college course is all about The Boss and his spiritual imagery in song.

Michele Amabile Angermiller writes in the Hollywood Reporter that the course is open to first-year Rutgers students for one credit.

Listed under the Jewish Studies curriculum, the 10-week class will dissect "Springsteen’s reinterpretation of biblical motifs, the possibility of redemption by earthly means (women, cars, music), and his interweaving of secular and sacred elements," reads a course description.

Springsteen was raised in a Roman Catholic home and biblical themes have always found their way into his music.

In a 2012 interview, he explained that it was his Catholic upbringing rather than political ideology that most influenced his music.

He noted in the interview that his faith had given him a "very active spiritual life," although he joked that this "made it very difficult sexually." He added: "Once a Catholic, always a Catholic."

Meanwhile, according to, Springsteen will release a new single, "High Hopes" on Monday, November 25th, and a new album early in 2014.