A guy, a girl, and a radio station.

Back in my younger and more formative years, I was a member of the Hawk Flight Crew, the promotions team who is at all of our station events.

At an event at Martell's in Point Pleasant in August 2007, I met a girl. We ended up hitting it off and staying in touch, and about six months later we went on our first date.

We got to the point in our relationship where marriage was the next step, and we started looking at rings a few months ago. I know that going ring-shopping is a bit of a spoiler, but I really had no clue what she would like, so I needed her guidance. Even if she knew the ring was coming, I made sure she had no idea when or where it would. The staff at Bentley Diamond took care of me, helped me through every step.

Fast forward to this weekend (yeah, I know it's a long time), exactly six years to the day we met. We had a nice day together, went out to dinner, but I didn't let on that I had anything special planned.  I said we should enjoy the beautiful weather and take a walk along the beach in Point Pleasant. We were kicking through the waves, and when we got near Martell's we sat down. I poured my heart out and popped the question.

It caught her totally by surprise, which was my goal all along.

And obviously, she said "yes"