This week marks a decade since John Entwistle died.

On June 27, 2002, Entwistle passed away in his Las Vegas hotel room just a day before The Who's 2002 U.S. tour was to kick off and after a night with a stripper/groupie.

He died of a heart attack induced by cocaine.

Fascinatingly, The Quiet One was aptly named, since he had a secret that not even those close to him knew about.

"It wasn't until the day of his funeral that I discovered that he'd spent most of his life as a freemason", Pete Townshend said.

He's best known, of course, as The Who's bassist and heavily influenced those who came after him, including Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan and Tom Petersson.

The Ox has too many accolades to list here, but suffice it to say that in 2011, a Rolling Stone reader's poll selected him as the "#1 bassist of all time".

Tributes from Pete and Roger include:

"It seems like yesterday. I still think of him often. I miss his love, his friendship and his wonderful dry sense of humour." (Roger Daltrey)

"When we speak about loving someone, there is always something unsaid. We love people we do not like. We like people we can never love...I loved John, I liked him, I respected him, and I miss him...some people are utterly without peer. When they are gone they leave an immense vacuum. So it is with John".    (Pete Townshend)

Here he is, not quite so quiet, as the Who perform live on Rockpalast, a German music television show: