James Bond is 1 of the most legendary and durable characters of all time. The actors who play 007 become household names all over the world. More important to me, and just as durable, is the Bond Girl in every film. For the new installment of the franchise, Skyfall, due out in 2012 they have chosen Berenice Marlohe. The French actress and model will follow in the footsteps of famous women such as Jane Seymour, Kim Basinger, & Halle Berry. One glance at Marlohe & you can see that she has the looks to pull off the part if nothing else. Lets just hope that she does a better job in the film than Denise Richards did. I still have not forgiven her for her lackluster and unrealistic performance as a doctor in The World is Not Enough. Are you excited about the new installment of the James Bond franchise? Do you have high expectations for Berenice Marlohe? Leave your comments in the box below.