HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! So with the close of 2012 and this brand new Year that we have laid out in front of us….what are you going to do? Look back on 2012 and recognize the bad things that happened and realize that those bad things allow for amazing things to enter your life…..I ended a 3 and a half year relationship….was it awful at the time? Sure!! But in the end…am I happy?? Of course…. I spent the whole summer doing things that I WANTED TO DO! No compromising…no asking for permission….no guilt….It was the best summer that I’ve had in years….my mom even said  “You are actually having fun this summer”  and she was correct!  I spent my time with friends and family  (extended Tiki Bar and DJais family included lol), reconnected with my WSOU family and I wouldn’t trade that time spent for anything!! I made a connection down the shore this summer that I didn’t realize meant anything until a few weeks ago…..and that makes me happy.

Understand that not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. People come and go and they leave a mark on our lives…whether good or bad, its put there for a reason….take it and learn from it!

Guy/Girl issues….WHO NEEDS THEM??? Not me….not anymore….being hooked on a guy who was unavailable and only around when he needed something from me wasn’t a good situation at all….it changed my personality and made me act weird…like, really? Why let anyone change who you are??? If they don’t see the gem that you are than they don’t deserve you!!!…..my good friend Shaun Barker who is an artist wrote a song called “Poison”  look up the lyrics…it was pretty much my life for 7 months lol   “Your Love Is Posion”!!!

I traveled a lot in 2012….went to The Bahamas, California, Arizona, Las Vegas…..Finally got to see Guns N Roses Live and it was amazing!! And saw other shows that ranged from Jay-Z to Third Eye Blind….Had an amazing week in LBI with my family…..Spent another Football season depressed over my team…..Became a 1 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach and was given some other pretty amazing job opportunities that forced me to make some changes but I put my foot down and said…I WILL NOT LEAVE THE HAWK!!!! (you know…cause I’m loyal and I Love Andy! )

In 2011 my mother had Breast Cancer, my Grandmother was on her death bed and my Aunt blew out her knee……In 2012 everyone was alive and healthy!!! So really how could I complain? We spent Christmas at my brand new apartment that I love….everyone was happy and together….Love is what matters…the material things in life are great…but none of it means anything if you don’t have people to share it all with!!

I hope that 2013 brings you amazing things…and remember…those amazing things generally don’t just fall in your lap….go out and get it! Make stuff happen for yourself!!

And of course….keep listening to Andy and I as we will continue to bring you RADIO GOLD in 2013!!

(And here are some photos from some of my favorite moments in 2012…ENJOY!!)